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Terms & Conditions

  • By agreeing to these terms & conditions, it is assumed that you have read and understood the following:

  • Once accepted to the club, you are considered a "member".

  • Snap VIP Club perks must only be used for business purposes, not for personal use.

  • Your registered pick up address is the only pick up location allowed in order to avoid usage for personal purposes. You may change the registered pick up address, just inform your relationship manager (RM).

  • For multi-stop bookings:

    • Inform RM ahead of time that you will be booking for a multi-stop drop-off in order to allot a rider just for you​

    • You, the member, must indicate the amount of delivery fee (DF) to collect from each drop-off if paying via Cash on Delivery (COD).

    • The DF that is set to be collected from the drop-offs must be given to Snap Delivery in whole, either via cash on delivery or online transfer. The discount shall be remitted to you every Monday with cut offs every Sunday. The discount amount will be deposited to your registered bank account. 

    • Items must be labeled correctly and properly by the member which could be easily read and understood for the rider to distinguish each item.

  • When booking, make sure that the pick up and recipient details are correct and true to avoid problems during the delivery.

  • The items to pick up must be ready when the rider arrives at your location. The rider will inform you when he or she is on the way to you. Otherwise, we will have to charge you P30 for every 30 minutes of the rider's waiting time, with leeway of 15 minutes after reaching your location. 

  • The rider will contact the recipient before he/she goes to the drop-off point. If the recipient is unreachable, the rider will inform you so you can make a decision whether to proceed or not. For returned items due to cancelled delivery, incorrect and incomplete items, DF must be paid by the member.

  • When the rider arrives at the drop-off point yet the recipient is unreachable through call and text message, and ultimately, the delivery is cancelled or postponed, the delivery fee has to be paid by the member as the rider has already incurred expenses such as gas and labor by going to the recipient's location.

  • The member must inform the drop-off/s regarding the delivery so that they may expect a call or text from the rider to anticipate the delivery of their orders.

  • Rider is not liable for mistakes regarding the items picked up and delivered. If the items are incorrect or incomplete, the rider is not at fault as rider will deliver what is handed to him. 

  • Be aware of the risks involved when transporting your products based on your chosen method (point to point or multiple drop-off), vehicle, delivery bag size, basic human limitations as well as temperature, and road and weather conditions.

  • The delivery bag size is 62L with dimensions of 48cm L x 36cm W x 36cm H.

  • For quarantined delivery points, cash is not accepted. We have cashless payment options available.

  • Release of the current financial perks is every Monday, cut off is every Sunday. 

  • Snap VIP Club is currently on a trial basis or soft opening. Kindly expect limited number of riders thus it is better to arrange your bookings ahead of the delivery day and time, otherwise, there could be a slight waiting time. 

  • Snap Delivery and any of its representatives has the right to accept and turn down deliveries. 

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