How to book?

  1. Go to our Facebook page. Scroll through our feed to have an idea of which stores you can buy from.
  2. For menus, go to Photos > See All Albums > look for the store of your choice. These are our partner-stores, if it's not there, you can still order but we cannot provide menu and guarantee availability as we can only know once the rider gets to the store.
  3. Message us if you would like to book.
  4. You should prompt our bot to guide you.
  5. Wait for confirmation from our team.
  6. Wait for your rider to text you for updates.

What are your operating hours?

We operate daily from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm at the moment. This may change without prior notice so it is best to message us first before planning your deliveries.

What is your area coverage?

We deliver to anywhere in Ilocos Norte.

Can I send food and other stuff for someone?

Yes! We love family and friends here! We love surprises too. To book for this, you have to book as it is regularly but inform the staff that this is for someone else. Our staff may ask you to leave your contact details.

I'm a seller, can you deliver my products?

Surely! Bulk or singles, it is totally fine! Book SnapX, add as many drop offs as you want. Cash on Delivery option is available.


How much is your rate?

Our delivery rates depend on your exact location and external conditions such as traffic and weather. For your basis: Laoag Centro: starts at P45 San Nicolas Centro: starts at P80 Additional stop: starts at P20 For SnapHelps, fee shall be applied. Pabili Fee: starts at P80 Bills Payment Fee: starts at P100

What are your mode of payments?

We accept Cash on Delivery, GCash, BDO Online Banking, BPI Online Banking, PayMaya, PayPal and Remitly. Yes, even if you are outside the Philippines, no fuss in sending some love for your loved ones!

Is there a minimum order required?

No, there is no minimum order required. However, service charge of P50.00 shall be applied if your bills is above P2,000.00.


Can I edit or revise my order?

Yes, you can as long as the rider has not ordered it yet. Just inform the booking officer via Messenger.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can cancel if:

  • Your order has not been placed
  • The rider has not been deployed
You CANNOT cancel if:
  • Your order is not available and the rider is already in the store (for non-partners). This way, you still have to pay the delivery fee as the rider has started his travel already incurring him costs which you have to cover.
  • You ordered in advance. You booked a slot in advance which means we reserved the rider for you on that timeslot, if you cancel, it could've been filled out by other customers.
Please, we beg you. Don't book if you don't understand these.

What if my order is unavailable?

This usually happens especially now that stores have limited supplies. If it does happen, our rider or staff will inform you via text message or Messenger. You may choose to order another item from the store or to change store entirely. You can cancel the order but you will have to pay for the delivery fee as the rider has already travelled to the store. If you were informed of the unavailability prior to the rider's travel, you may cancel for free!

Can I book in advance?

Yes! We love advance bookings as these help us plan our routes. You may book as early as 7 days.

How do I get updates about my booking?

Two ways. Messenger and text message.

  • Confirmation of booking: Messenger
  • Processing of booking: Messenger
  • Unavailability: Messenger/Text
  • Rider on the way to store: Text
  • Rider on the way to deliver: Text
So keep your phone with you during the processing of your booking to receive updates! For those who booked from overseas, you will receive updates via Messenger.